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I'm Alicia

I specialize in leadership and transition.

At the heart of my work is my passion for helping you create the life and leadership you want!

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Matt in Seattle, WA

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I’m very happy with the place I’ve wound up and it’s different than what I expected when we started. I would not have been in this better place without working with Alicia. Had I done this on my own, I would’ve ended in a much different space that would’ve been half as meaningful, if even that much. The path was unpredictable and the coaching was extremely valuable. Alicia’s engagement through it all was pivotal. Her consistency, her insights, and her engagement helped me learn and grow. She helped me build on strengths and leverage weaknesses. Working with Alicia was great for me.

Patricia in Portland, OR

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Alicia is an amazing coach. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have her work with me. She allowed me to dig deep into my own values so I could better understand what my intentions are and how they fit into my purpose. I highly recommend her!

Kristine in Seattle, WA

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I loved working with Alicia. She is very approachable, understanding, and smart. I learned so much from her about myself and how to apply things in a way that made sense to me. I always felt empowered and her suggestions and ideas made so much sense.

Lee in Virginia Beach, VA

Alicia is very good at listening and is very perceptive. She spurred me to think in new ways and she helped me uncover paths that I hadn’t considered before working with her. Working with Alicia confirmed for me the value of having an objective, third-party person to bounce my ideas off of and to help me clarify my thoughts. I found this to be very useful and different than speaking to my friends or my family.

Felice in Vancouver, B.C.

Alicia is a wonderful coach who is extremely personable, easy to talk to, and committed to your success. She’s able to make you think very critically about where you are in your life and therefore, help you find clarity about where you’re going. She’s also very encouraging, supportive, and friendly while staying professional. I would recommend her Life Coaching to anyone, especially if you’re going through a transition.