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My Approach and Why:

At the heart of my work, is my belief in you. I believe in your smarts, your problem-solving, your skills, and abilities, and talents and the magic that is you.

I know, from my own experiences and helping so many others achieve their goals and dreams, that you have all the power and ability you need, to create the life and career you want.

But, sometimes, you can get stuck and it’s, usually, because you are trying to create something new.

When you try to create change – any change, from trying to be a better leader, to trying to create a career change or a life change – you are usually doing it because your current situation is no longer working.

So, you do what we all do. You try to solve the problem.

And that is when that same amazing you that created all that you have, will get in your way, because, as soon as you start contemplating change, you will run into your fears. Insecurities will kick in. Limitation thinking will go into overdrive. The “shoulds” and the “can’ts” and the inner critic start ratcheting up.

The pattern goes something like this:

You have a problem. ⇨ You think of ways to solve the problem. ⇨ What follows, are reasons why those solutions won’t work (fears and limitations) and they are really believable. ⇨ Which brings you back to the problem, which is the source of your pain, so you ⇨ Repeat the process.

I call it “looping.” You are up against you, in a closed loop of fearful stories and limitations.

It can be exhausting and defeating and isolating and make you forget that you are a powerful, smart, problem solver and a badass creator of amazing things.

And, if you are in a leadership position, you are extra isolated, because you want the people around you – those that report to you and those you report to – to trust in your leadership, so you can find yourself without a safe place to unpack any your thinking.

That is where I come in.

I use my specialized talents, skills, abilities, learned lessons and tools to help you overcome all those internal obstacles that are getting in the way, so all of your talents, skills, abilities and mojo can kick back in and you can create the changes you want to create.

The empowered, authentic, joyful, secure you is AMAZING! And being able to help you be all of who you are – to be your best success – is my honor, my passion, and me being the best of who I am.

If you are wanting to create change in your career, your leadership, or your life, let’s talk about how I can help you move forward and be your best success.

Do you have a coaching process?

Yes and I work with my clients on some or all parts of this process, depending on what you want to achieve from our coaching.

My coaching process:

What is currently happening? Unpacking your current situation.
What do you want to have happen? Exploring your dreams, goals or desired situation.

How do you get there? Developing a plan or strategy for moving forward.

Getting there. On-going accountability and support to keep you on track and moving toward your goals.

Do you have set coaching programs or packages?

I prefer to take an individualized approach to my coaching because I always want you to be getting exactly what you need from our work together. What if we achieve your goals in 3 months, but you are locked into a 6-month package? I want you to have the freedom to decide how long we work together because you are getting value out of the coaching and not because you are locked into a package.

How long and how often will we work together?

A good rhythm for coaching is weekly or every 2 weeks, depending on your urgency. You need time between sessions, but not too much time, so weekly or biweekly is a good rhythm for most.

Coaching sessions are 60-minutes. I don’t have abrupt endings to my sessions, so plan to have a 15-minute buffer at the end. If you need a hard stop at the 60-minute mark, just let me know.

The length of a coaching engagement really varies based on the person and the goals they are wanting to achieve. Some clients just want to “noodle” something out and only need a session or two. I also have clients with more comprehensive, long-term goals that I have coached for many years.

One of the first things we will establish, when we work together, is what you want to accomplish with the coaching, so I can help you where you want the help and not where you don’t.

What are the ways we can work together?

I coach over the phone, through video calling (Skype or FaceTime), and I also work in-person with those in the local Seattle area.

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