A friend and client texted a cartoon to me, this morning, about searching for happiness.

“I thought you would enjoy this,” she said.

She was right……..and my coaching ways are totally working when my clients and friends see something like this and want to share it!  #moohahaha 😉

Here is the cartoon (you can view this post in your browser, if the image doesn’t show in your email):

searching for happiness

Coaching questions to ponder:

Are you searching for happiness inside or outside of yourself?

How true to your own happiness do you live?

Are you doing things because you “should” or because you want to?

Want to learn more about happiness and how to create it?

Here is a great (and concise) article from Huff Post discussing the science behind happiness and offering some good tips for increasing it.

Here is a very entertaining and funny TED presentation from Shawn Achor, former award-winning professor and researcher of positive psychology at Harvard University, about how to increase happiness at work.  (Seriously, he’s hilarious, so you’ll probably be happier just from watching this!)

And, don’t forget about yours truly!  Happiness at Alicia Caswell is my email address because happiness is what I have created in my own life and what I help my clients create in their lives.

If you could use more happiness, email me and let’s talk about how I can help you create it.