In their own words:

“Alicia is a wonderful Coach who is extremely personable, easy to talk to, and committed to your success. She’s able to make you think very critically about where you are in your life and therefore, help you find clarity about where you’re going. She’s also very encouraging, supportive, and friendly while staying professional. I would recommend her Life Coaching to anyone, especially if you’re going through a transition.”

—F.L., Social Media Marketing, Seattle, WA


“Alicia is an amazing woman!  As a recent college graduate and an individual in my first post-college “real world” job, I wanted some coaching about my career and life path. After working with Alicia, I found her coaching to be invigorating.  Through her wisdom, advice, and support, I found a new voice and vision in myself and my career and life goals. She brought out what was in me.  She knows how to listen and get to the root of your words.  I found this skill set to be the most valuable part of our sessions.  I highly recommend her as a Coach and endorse her as a great business woman operating her services.”

—C.L., Development Associate, Seattle, WA


“My experience working with Alicia was excellent.  She really makes you think and at times it is really hard, but it’s amazing how she makes you realize things on your own.  Her demands of me were always reasonable.  I grew as a person as a result of my work with Alicia.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

—M.F., Director of Business Development, Norfolk, VA


“Alicia was very instrumental in helping me tap into my purpose and what we often referred to as “my own knowing”.  More important, I was able to map out how my current skills and interests align to that.  If you are looking for a Coach to transform yourself into realizing your full potential, I definitely recommend Alicia.”

—A.S., President & General Manager, Wash., D.C.


“Alicia is insightful.  She was very adept at encouraging me to reach for the things I wanted most and maybe didn’t know if or how I could get there.  I never had the impression she was giving me generic advice or simply advice from her perspective.  Alicia is also extremely trustworthy.  I always sensed she cared deeply for me as a human being and not just a client.  I never once felt that by sharing with her, admitting weakness, or taking risks that I would be judged.  Alicia is like Red Bull…she gives you wings!”

—J.B., Pharmaceutical Sales, Seattle, WA


“Alicia has a kind, professional manner coupled with a good sense of humor. She really listened to what I was saying and helped me move forward with my thinking. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a Coach.”

—W.P., Marketing Manager, Norfolk, VA


“Alicia is very good at listening and is very perceptive.  She spurred me to think in new ways and she helped me uncover paths that I hadn’t considered before working with her.  Working with Alicia confirmed for me the value of having an objective, third-party person to bounce my ideas off of and to help me clarify my thoughts.  I found this to be very useful and different than speaking to my friends or my family.”

—L.N., Business Owner, Norfolk, VA


“Alicia’s approach is very objective – she encourages you to think outside of the box when faced with a difficult situation and to view things from all angles.  She doesn’t give you the answers, but instead her approach encourages you to come to your own resolutions using your own knowledge and abilities.  This is very helpful as it makes you more efficient in your problem solving skills and increases your confidence.  I learned so much from Alicia about myself and how to apply things in a way that made sense to me.  I always felt so empowered and her suggestions and ideas made so much sense.  I loved working with Alicia.  She is very approachable, understanding, and smart.”

—K.F., Respiratory Care Educator, Seattle, WA


“With Alicia’s help, I quickly worked through blocks that I was not aware of, and came up with some ideas that were very workable.  As I set my goals for a more fulfilling life, I became aware of thoughts that were self defeating.  I also learned to recognize thoughts and personal beliefs that kept me from attaining my desires/goals and work through these barriers myself.  I now feel less intimidated to make life changes and face challenges.  I know that, with Alicia’s help, I became more honest and in touch with myself.  I feel that I have grown and I certainly am much happier.  I will always be grateful for what she taught me and I will never forget her!”

—B. B., Business Owner, Walla Walla, WA


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